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The Chosen Angels: Part 1 by maris4 The Chosen Angels: Part 1 by maris4
Oh yeah. Got the first chapter done. I'm so awesome. And I know some people have been waiting for this, so I started writing this last night and finished today. I must say, it was really fun to write.

Irma's so sarcastic and funny in this fan fic. And Helia's all critical. Btw, I finally got Riven's hair right. I can die happily now. Jk ^^

Enjoy :squee:

Part 1: Welcome to the Jungle

You know how people say they saw their life flash before their eyes, whenever there about to die? Well, yeah, it didn’t happen for me. All I remember from my death was the stabbing pain from my stomach. And then, nothing. But I guess that’s how death works. But hey, I had a good life. It may have been short, but it was good. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.

“Hey,” said a voice. I could only wonder . . . was it God? Was he here to show me the path of peace? “Hey, get up,” the voice said again.

“Wha’?” I said sleepily. I rubbed my eyes and found myself looking at the night sky.

“You okay?” the voice said again. Well, she said again. “You’ve been lying there for ten minutes,”

“What?” I said. I turned my head to find her, the voice. She wasn’t really a voice, I mean. She was girl, around my age, with crazy colored hair, oh and a gun.

“C’mon,” she pulled my arm. “Before you get shot,” she put her silver gun in her carrying case thing.

“Wha’?!” I hesitated. “What do you mean get shot? Who are you? Where am I?” I said quickly and frantically.

“Hey, chill out,” she put her hands up. “I’m not gonna shoot you,” she paused. “Well, I mean, I could. But you wouldn’t get hurt or anything,” she pointed out.

I stood there facing her, with no words coming out of my mouth. Was she crazy? Was she on something? But I had to figure something out before I answer all of those questions: Where the hell am I?

“You better sit down,” she said. “I gotta start explain’ everything to you,” she sighed. “Great,” she mumbled.

“What do you mean explain everything?” I asked her. “This’s heaven right?” I questioned her again.

“Sort of,” she folded her arms. “Where do you want to start?” she asked me.

“Um,” I wasn’t really sure what to ask. I mean, I knew I was in heaven. Well, kind of, like she said. “How about I know your name? That’s always a good place to start,” I half smiled. She shrugged.

“Irma,” she said. “Yours?” she looked at me.

“H-Helia,” I scratched my head. Not the coolest name you’ve ever heard, I know. Blame my mom.

“Well, Helia,” Irma stood up. “Welcome to Partial Heaven,” she winked.

“What?” I seemed to use that word a lot since I’ve gotten to ‘Partial Heaven’ as she called it.

“Well, for starters, this isn’t heaven. I mean, it kinda is, but not entirely.” She wasn’t really sure herself.

“That makes perfect sense,” I said sarcastically.

“Hey look,” Irma said. “If you just listen, you’ll understand,”

“Fine,” I said. “Continue,”

“We-!“ Irma was cut off by the sound of gunfire. “No,” she turned around.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m gonna have to explain it to you tomorrow,” she sighed.

“Why?” I got up from the concrete ground.

“We’ve got company,” she pulled out her gun.

“What do you mean company?” I was starting to get really worried.

“How do I say this so you’ll understand?” she loaded her gun. “We’re not the only ones here. And those gunshots were signals,” Irma hid behind a bush, which I did the same.

“So, there are other people here besides us?” I asked.

“Yep,” she held her gun firmly. “Here,” she handed me a gun out of nowhere. How’d she do that?

“You want me to use this?” I asked her.

“No, I want you to make out with it,” she rolled her eyes. “Yes, I want to use it!” she screamed.

“Stop screaming,” I said. She rolled her eyes again. “So who are we fighting exactly?”

“Melinda,” Irma whispered. She crawled to another bush and made signals with her hands.

“Who are you signaling?” I followed her.

“Jeez, you’re really slow, you know that?” she told me. “I’m signaling my friends,”

“. . .” I looked where she looked, and saw nothing. This was frustrating. “So where is this Melinda?” I folded my arms.

“There,” Irma pointed. There Melinda stood in the middle of a stadium. I did a double take; stadium? Buildings? Where was I exactly? I know I’m in Partial Heaven, but it had to be a place. Right?

“Wait,” I sat there completely still. “You’re gonna shoot at her?!” I yelled at Irma.

“Uh, yeah,” she looked at Melinda from below and aimed. Melinda had bright pink hair and glowing red eyes. It was freaky. Plus she had a uniform on.


“Because she’s the enemy,” Irma was trying to ignore me.

“This is making no sense,” I rose up from the ground.

“If I had time explain all of this to you, it would make sense,” she said. “Now get down, you idiot!” Irma bolted herself at me. She was on top of me; did I mention that it was awkward? Very awkward . . .?

“What are you doing?” I asked her. She covered my mouth.

“Be quiet,” Irma grabbed her gun and got up. Finally.

“Never do that again,” I told her. “That was very awkward,” I blushed.

While rolling her eyes for the umpteenth time, she also gave me the finger. Big surprise there.

“Fine, go ahead and shoot her,” I said.

“I will,”

“One question,”

“Hurry up,”

“What did she do?” I exhaled.

“She gave up her soul,” Irma looked as if she were about to cry. And she pulled the trigger. The bullet went through Melinda’s stomach. “Damn, I missed,”

“Missed?!” I screamed. Irma jumped on top of me again. Joy. “You hit her, you didn’t miss,”

“I was trying to aim for her head,” she put her gun to my chest. My heart began to race at top speed. “That’s the only way to kill her,”

“But . . .” I looked into her light green eyes. Gorgeous ones, if I might add. “This’s Partial Heaven, like you said. So how can someone die?”

“Can you stop asking questions for five minutes? God. I know you’re new here and everything, but please, shut up!” she pointed her gun at me.

“Yo!” someone called out. “Irma!” out of the darkness, a tall guy ran toward us. He looked possibly around my age, also wild colored hair, and a gun. What a shock there. Was everyone here like this?

“Who’s he?” I asked Irma.

“Who’s he?” the other guy said the same thing to Irma.

She said nothing, but face palmed herself.

“I’m not gonna ask,” he said.

“Don’t,” Irma snapped. “Has anyone gone down there to see if Melinda’s gone?”

“Nope,” he got out a cigarette.

Irma moaned, picked up her gun, and went down the stairs to see if Melinda was gone or not.

“You’re gonna leave me with him?!” he and I said at the same exact time.

“Yes,” she waved at us. “He doesn’t bite,”

“Was she talking about you?” I pointed to him.

“Probably,” he took a drag. “You new?”

“I guess,” I held onto my gun. “So what’s-?”

“Irma!” he ran toward the ledge. “Watch out!” he rapidly ran down the steps and starting shooting his huge gun.

“Wait up!” I called after him. I carefully raced down the flight of steps and watched Melinda kick and dodge attacks by Irma.

“Riven!” she shouted on the ground. “Get help!” she shouted to that guy. Never expected his name to be Riven. Oh well.

Riven nodded and ran back up the stairway. I stood there and watched. I felt like a sitting duck. I had to help.

“Helia, go!” she got back up and punched Melinda in the jaw. “Go with Riven! Get some help!” she got out her gun, and started shooting. Melinda was in the air . . . flying.

“Is that supposed to happen?” I asked her.

“Just go!” she kept firing.

“I can help!” I pointed my gun at Melinda.

“You can help by going with Riven and getting help,” she stopped discharging.

I looked at Irma, then at Melinda. “Hey Melinda! Over here!” I screamed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Irma shouted.

“Over here Melinda!” I flapped my arms around like a lunatic, but was still trying to get her attention.

Melinda put her hands in front of her and blasted a red streak at me. I moved in the nick of time, thank God. I started to run.

“Helia!” Irma shouted. She was bruised and looked awful. “No! Don’t!” she shrieked.

“I got this!” I stopped in the middle of the field. Melinda gazed down at me and zoomed at me like a bullet. I held my gun out and pulled the trigger. I really shouldn’t have closed my eyes when I pulled the trigger. Because when I opened them, Melinda was at least ten feet across from me. Started to walk slowly toward me. I shot at her again.

“You really shouldn’t have done that,” her shoulder oozed out blood. “Helia,” she said my name in a devious way. She mumbled something under her breath, and her fingernails turned into claws. Like magic. She ran full speed right at me. “Prepare to die!” she yelled.

“No!” Irma shouted. She ran in front of me, and Melinda slashed her back with her piercing claws.

“Irma,” I said astounded, but was still in shock.

“You . . . idiot,” she said in pain and she fell to the ground. “You can’t sacrifice yourself here, so why would you do that?” she tried to stand up, but it was no use.

“I . . . I’m sorry,” I said honestly.

“Sorry won’t heal this,” she groaned.

“Irma!” Riven and the others yelled and ran toward us. This was going so well.



Irma and Melinda (c) :iconmaris4:

Helia and Riven (c) Winx Club

Base (c) :iconbbbases:
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polly94560 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
is this supposed to be like Angel Beats???? It just came to mind when Irma said Partial Heaven and the whole fight thing.
maris4 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I started watching the show and stuff and wanted to do a crossover. I thought I mentioned that in the description ^^; guess not. But I'm not going to finish this, sadly. I don't have the time and patience for it.
polly94560 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
WAHHHHH!!!! and it left at a good part....... [link]
143PEACE Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Student Writer
aaahhh!! IRMA!! no! what happens to her?! is he okay?!
maris4 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
she's fine don't worry. although, i almost cried when i wrote that. I was like 'IRMA OHMIGAHD!' lol ^^
143PEACE Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Student Writer
:) okay good, im glad she's okay :)
maris4 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
143PEACE Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Student Writer
haha yeah :)
maris4 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i love writing about Irma in this story. she's so sarcasitc and funny and badass.
143PEACE Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Student Writer
haha :) thats one of the many things that makes it fun to read
maris4 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
yup ^^
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